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6/24/2016 3:15:08 PM

Strike Playlist cheaters, So frustrated!!!

So I've been running some 36 strikes to get specific collectibles with a fellow clan buddy. We had a great streak going, until we loaded into one strike and our third guy, who will remain nameless, was clearly "rubber banding" He just spun around and shot randomly. We pushed him off of cliffs, we speeder rammed him multiple times, and of course reported him multiple times. I know everyone's going to say just go to orbit and start over, but it's annoying to lose the vanguard strike buff. We carried him through one strike and halfway through another before we quit out of frustration. Afterwards we checked his stats for recent games and he's been doing this for 10 days in a row!!!! Constantly non-stop for 24 hours a day. Countless strikes with zero kills and zero assists. I mean I know Bungie is backed up, but this is why people hate playing game modes like this. Anyone else ready to pull their hair out over this? Or have similar experiences? Feel free to vent. I'll be listening since Bungie isn't.

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