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6/19/2016 1:11:09 AM

Bungie you claim tripmine = trap

Yet it has a giant red flashing strobe light that even Stevie Wonder could see and lasts all of ten seconds without YAS does that equate to a trap Bungie? To add insult to the "it's a trap" injury, you remove the ability to stick enemies with the tripmine. Let me get this straight, you removed the ability to stick people with a grenade that had no tracking on it so it actually took blind luck or skill to even stick someone with? Please enlighten me to these notions. Also while it's on my mind, who on this blue marble we call Earth EVER complained about throwing knives being a OHK on low armor targets when incendiary blade is selected?! I literally had no idea that they could OHK. Ok ok I can understand if you didn't want it to be a OHK and nerfed the incendiary blade perk damage, but you nerfed throwing knife base damage?! I'm in no means complaining whatsoever I'm just truly vexed here, can we seriously have a sit down with Deej or Cozmo and have these decisions actually explained? [i]~ Nyahh! =^,.,^=[/i]

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