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Deej: Realization of destiny.

So I have a story to tell it will be a bit long but stay with me. My wife decided she wanted to play thru destiny but she wanted me to explain the different characters that she came/comes across. So we began the game she asked what was the darkness? Sentient being, a plague, or a race of aliens? Idk After she finished the earth part of the game she asked why are the fallen on earth? They're conquers. No I mean why did they come, are they with the darkness? Are they the darkness? Idk Why did I have to unlock the resputin? Idk So then she beat the moon afterward she asked me if the hive can dig why would they think a door could hold them in? Idk So how do they correspond with the darkness? Idk Okay the summoning pit is stopping the traveler but why isn't there connection made with the hive and the darkness? Idk So I got the shard does the traveler wake up? No So why did I just do that? Idk Does anything I do in the game matter, will it change anything? Not that I've seen. Are the Vex the darkness? No, maybe. Why do they keep introducing new characters without even explaining who was the last new character? Idk Each descriptions that they do give us has nothing to do with the game. Yeah I noticed that when I played. After that she no longer wanted to play the game she said why waste her time playing this game when there's no real accomplishment afterwards. No ceremony no traveler wake up, nothing! She realized in 4 hours what took me a month of playing. That this game seems so disfunctional in its construction along with no real reward system. Guns drop randomly so even if you get a gun you wanted it never will feel earned because you could get it in 20 mins or 20 hours. There's no dedicated way to earn things, just chance. There's no ending to the game no finally, even if the story would expand you could have some kind of accomplishment thus far but really it's a long winded tale with non developed characters who seem to have nothing to do with each other but by all rational should.

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