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6/14/2016 5:47:52 PM

Rip stick(because it works because it's effective)

I chose tripling solely for its ability to stick, stick to bosses, majors, ultras, guardians. It has never been effective for me as a trap too many guardians breeze right by it. How can I throw it at bosses feet\body if it bounces? Let's also look at there are a lot of places with no walls close. You took a useful tool in my aresenal and did what you wanted I will now have to use something else....yay it's why you have nerferd several things. Because they are effective because they work it's why they are counterbalance, like mida, like the ability to stick. Nerfing due to popularity hurts the game. You made a good gun, perk, grenade. Well done you not hey people like it lets kill it

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