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6/14/2016 12:57:26 AM

Un-Nerf Throwing Knives and Firebolts Petition (Not yet Official) READ FIRST!!!

Un-Nerf them


Keep The Nerfs


Throwing Knives: I understand that the incendiary blade made throwing knives able to one hit low guardians which is right in my opinion but I don't think the BASE damage for Throwing knives shouldn't have been nerfed. They should've fixed the incendiary perk a bit but not reduce the damage of Throwing knives as a whole. Firebolts: I don't think the nerf to [b]Firebolt themselves[/b] was needed. I don't really care about what they did to Viking Funeral. [b]Firebolts by themselves were okay[/b]. They did not need a nerf.

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