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Hablemos de Destiny.
Editado por NiceMcNice: 9/1/2015 11:14:28 AM

Did you know the jade rabbit...

Is actually a weapon made by Daito? (the weapon foundry). We see this if you look just above the jade rabbit emblem, there will be the logo for Daito. Has anyone found any interesting facts in destiny? If so feel free to leave them in the comments for everyone to know. Let's try to keep this post salt free. (not many salt bunkers left, let's hope it's still protected) MrAlex2t signing out... [spoiler]Quick theory. If Daito are getting a new exotic weapon, does this mean they'll be a new weapon foundry in year 3? Here's my reason. Both Suros and Omolon have an exotic weapon in year 1 destiny, and now they're both weapon foundries in year 2. So, does this mean that the jade rabbit is only the beginning to a wide range of weapons from Daito? Only time will tell... [/spoiler] Edit: Thanks for the positive feedback! It's nice to see how many people are also intrigued by this little detail!

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