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Editado por Sean Djinn: 6/8/2016 2:41:15 PM

Fix Tripmines

Now I'm not saying change the damage or the range or its activation time or anything else of that nature. I'm just wanting Bungie to fix the mechanic that Leads to a guardian taking the full amount of damage at a range just for having a finger in the blast zone. Add some sort of body volume percentage count that measures how much of a guardian's body is in the blast zone. Anything over 35-40% of body volume or if the head is in the zone takes the full damage from any stick grenade. Anything less than 35-40% takes exponentially less damage. So basically this applies to every stick-type grenade in the game: Lightning, Spike, and Tripmine. This way when, quite often, a person barely clips the zone of effect he/she doesn't feel BS'd when they then look to where the explosion came from. [u]P.S. This was an actual suggestion unlike another person who only said "just do it" on a "Nerf tripmine" post.[/u]

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