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5/25/2016 7:24:48 AM

Taken king not in restore licence

So a long time ago i decided not to play destiny because i was burnt out of it, I had like a 316 hunter and two 315 titans and was getting bored. A while after that after feeling like playing destiny again ( like several weeks, after the April update i think) I was told to that my copy of the taken king was corrupted or missing but i still had it in my add ons but i needed to re buy it somehow even though that i already owned it. i was frustrated so i deleted destiny and all the add ons and never played it again. So recently with the whole Iron lords thing i wanted to see if i can come back to destiny and maybe be an active player again but the problem still persist I tried clearing my cache and it doesn't work. I there any way to re-install the taken king?

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