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6/5/2016 11:50:18 PM

Should Destiny now add sheilds as a heavy weapon?

Yes we want shields


No that would be boring or broken


Doesn't matter it most likely wont happen


With the Taken King we got legendary and Exotic swords which were wanted for a while because of things like the sword of crota mission and Crota's End raid. But in the raid prior the Vault of Glass had something similar to the swords found being wielded by the hive which was used on the Templar called the Relic. It was made to look and function like a shield and we only saw that "relic" used only once. The shield wasn't used in any other mission or strike or even raid since VoG. And seeing as the swords made their way into our hands why not a shield. But first the shields wont be exactly like the relic they would have to go though a nerf/buff process to make them usable for PvE and PvP without being to overpowered. But what does everyone else think on this?

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