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The Chaperone Quest but with The Last Word and The First Curse

Crucible portion just The Last Word


Crucible portion The Last Word and The First Curse


I believe that with The Chaperone Quest (Crucible part) should be with both Tex Mechanica exotic primaries (The Last Word and The First Curse) because some players are collectors but loathe close quarters combat and prefer longer range. That's where The First Curse comes in and could help collectors get the gun they need to complete a collection and it doesn't change the impact of the game too much because you can be outplayed by snipers or other weapons at range. Please change this because I have made it up to 50% but have been against a team that had very good chemistry and lost it all. And please help this happen with the next large update, I will give everyone who helps a strange coin. (Strange coin is not given directly but by doing other in game activities as an in game reward and I'm saying good job 🙃)

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