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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Armor Grimoire | Lore: Ruin Wings [Fictional]

[quote] [b] Ruin Wings [/b] [i] In the Garden grows a tree of silver wings. The leaves are ruin, the bark disaster. Of the seeds we do not speak.[/i] [/quote] Audio Logs found near Cabal Outpost Thutmose I: EST 1100|6.1.3017 -Alright, we have made the trip to Mars. Talia, Garred and I are en route to the energy fluxations reported by some locals. Whatever it is, the locals claimed that a strange signal was coming from near one of those ancient Vex time gates. This should be a quick and easy recon and I can head back to the tower to relax for once. EST 1145|6.1.3017 -Okay, our fireteam has arrived at the gate, everything seems to be normal. Hey Talia! Set up a scanner and we can head on-- -*STATIC* EST 0000|0.0.0000 -*STATIC*-It seems-*STATIC*-We have moved through the gate-*STATIC* -*STATIC*-I think I have fixed the receiver, should be a clear transmission still. Talia! Garred! Are you guys alright? -*Distant voices* -Okay good! It seems we have gone through the time gate but where we are, I have no idea. The environment is thick with foliage and there are enormous Vex structures everywhere. I'm going to check the area out while Talia and Garred are trying to find a way to open the portal back up. EST 0000|0.0.0000 -I have found a clearing about half a click from the portal and there is a colossal tree in the center of it. I'm going see if I can climb it to hopefully get a better view of where we exactly are. -*STATIC* -This tree...Its roots have a luminescent glow to it, similar to the Vex spires found on all other planets. It's almost as if... as if it is a living, breathing, feeling being. The leaves of this powerful tree are elaborate with designs that share the glow of the roots Not manmade... but perfect. -There is also a single fruit that hangs within arms reach and if we ever get out of here it would be one hell of a souvenir to show the others, so why not, right? -*STATIC* -The visions...*STATIC*...the ruin of our world...*STATIC*...It has been planned...A seed planted long ago and has grown too long to be stopped...*STATIC*...This fruit shows the future.The end. Disaster that will come swiftly by a pair of silver wings...*STATIC*...It...It is inevitable. -*GUNSHOT* -*STATIC* | End of Transmission | [b]Fictional Lore[/b], written by myself.

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