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publicado originalmente en: [DS3] THE LEGEND RETURNS
5/28/2016 8:09:35 PM
Look at this kid with his shìt copy THIS is the REAL Giantdad of DS3 GundyrDad KNIGHT SL120 (PvP meta) 37 VIG 10 ATT 40 END 30 VIT 55 FÙCKING STR 12 DEX (NO LVL UP, SO NOT A CASUL) 9 INT 9 FTH 7 LCK Gundyr's Helm (The best looking helm in the game) Cathedral Knight's Cathedral Knight's Cathedral Knight's (BECOME UNSTOPPABLE) Havels Ring Ring of Favor (STAMINA, HEALTH, ENDURANCE, EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT) Prisoners Chain (EVEN MORE STAMINA, HEALTH, ENDURANCE) Ring of Steel Protection+2 (TO REDUCE PRISONERS CHAIN DOWNSIDE) AND OF COURSE, DONT FÙCKING FORGET YOUR... Heavy Zweihander+10 Grass Crest Shield WELL WHAT IS IT? ARE YOU COOL YET? Just remember... THE LEGEND NEVER DIES

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