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5/23/2016 1:27:45 AM

How to Dodge Destiny's bad p2p connection settings

If you haven't bought yourself some decent internet. Then I would do that first. The true way of dodging their connection settings is to buy a router that will give you control over how your game connects to people. [url=]NetDuma R1[/url] [b]1. Never play a long distance, laggy game[/b] [quote]Netduma’s patent-pending Geo-filter guarantees that your game’s host or server is located near you. This hugely reduces lag, making your game more receptive, fairer and ultimately, much more fun.[/quote] [b]2. Eliminate lag caused by downloading and uploading[/b] [quote]Downloads and uploads create congestion on your network, causing your game’s data to be held in a queue. This creates substantial lag, making your game unplayable and probably causing arguments between you and the people you live with. With Netduma’s patent-pending Anti-flood, everyone can now intensively use the Internet without causing your game to lag.[/quote] [b]3. Allocate bandwidth to your gaming devices[/b] [quote]With Device Prioritisation, you can allocate all of your bandwidth to your gaming devices such as your Xbox, Playstation or PC. This ensures your game receives all the bandwidth it needs. Any excess is automatically given to the other devices in your home so your family or friends are not affected.[/quote] [b]4. Avoid laggy hosts[/b] [quote]Another player’s bad connection can ruin a good game. With Deny & Allow, you can permanently block a low quality host, ensuring they can never frustrate you again. You can also white-list your friends who live outside of your Geo-filter range, allowing you to play on great connections without excluding your team mates.[/quote] [b]5. Measure the quality of your game’s connection[/b] [quote]For console players, ping bars are the only indicator of your game’s lag. But with Netduma’s Ping Stats, the host of your game is automatically pinged to give you an exact reading on the quality of the connection. For most major PC games, even more information is provided, including a rating of your game’s connection, its stability and its packet loss.[/quote] So every one of these features for the router can easily get around the p2p settings for destiny. Hope this helps a lot! Many don't know about the geo filter. which helps you connect to people in your state. There are many other routers like this for a better price. You'll just have to do the research yourself.

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