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Supers and Subclasses Need a lot TLC

Supers and sub classes need to be fixed


Their fine in the broken unbalanced way they are


Are you a complaining Hunter


Hunter are always blamming complaining about the Warlock class, I mean whats wrong with you have you seen Bladedancer lately that schnitzel is broken it has more armor and health regen on kill and don't even talk about skip grenades how they chase you around the whole map. Then on top of that you have the Nightstalker subclass with your sweaty wombo comboing BS where smoke does damage, blinds you, slows you, and takes away radar... then being able to get just under 3 times damage resistance when fireing your super withe biggest hitbox. Then to make it worse you have shadestep which can dodge everything and it barely had a cooldown, and you're practically invincible when shadesteping. If anything Hunters should be nerfed instead of Warlock's and Titian's continuously taking the piss from the hunters complaining. Like for real Bungie I was somwhat please with the hammer nerf and now it's disgusting to play on your not ever gaurentied a kill when you hit someone with a hammer anymore. Then stormcaller got nerfed when everyone whas complaining about firebolts (which doesn't even make any sence)' anyway you made their duration shorter which makes the super last all of 2 seconds, and its a slow movin super so you can't go anywhere without getting shut down... and its not like it has a health regen on kill like the other two subclasses that I talked about. On top of that you make the supers damage it puts out take longer to tick which means your wasting super energy shocking someone who should arleady be dead. So I say this to say none of the supers feel super anymore other than the new and improved Bladedancer, Nightstalker, Striker, Void Walker, and Maybe self res when you don't instantly get shot in the head. Edit 1: If you still can't see where I'm coming from in this post watch the link above from beginning to end. P.S. don't forget to bump this page.

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