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(Updated - Shattered Memory Fragment) NEW Dead Ghost on Venus?

Ok, so I thought I was one that had every [b][i]Dead Ghost[/i][/b] in the game. I mean, if you look at my grimoire you can see that I have collected 119 of them lol Well, I had some Petra and Vanguard bounties to do today and decided to run around on patrol. While doing this, I figured to go chest and spirit bloom hunting for old times sake (definitely a year 1 thing). I came across a new [b][i]Dead Ghost[/i][/b] while exploring rooms that I have been in hundreds of times, one that simply has NEVER been there before. You'll have to excuse that low quality of the pictures, I'm on 360 and could only take them with my phone. But, if you go to the [u][b]Shattered Coast[/b][/u] (turn right when you spawn in patrol) and head to the room to the right of the statue of the lady with the wings. When you enter there will be a ghost on the floor to the left in a corner. You won't get a [i]grimoire[/i] card for it which makes me feel like it is one that has been there a while and is simply glitched out for me. If you go check [url=]Destiny Ghost Hunter[/url], it's not on the list there either. Now, if someone has ever seen this one before, PLEASE let me know. I've never come across this one. Here are a few pics (low quality so forgive me) on where it is... [url=]Pic 1[/url] [url=]Pic 2[/url] [url=]Pic 3[/url] EDIT: I went back to orbit and then back into patrol and it is STILL there to pick up again. I wonder if this is some sort of new ghost that will be related to a quest line or something... Edit 2: looks like this might be a remnant of the old Pocket Infinity quest line. I already had this gun and don't remember this ghost. Thanks community. Final Edit: Looks to be the [url=]Shattered Memory Fragment[/url]

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