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5/15/2016 12:31:39 AM

Exotics not weighted or bugged?

Bungie... I'm not 100% sure on the category of this topic so I have tagged it here. Is there a problem with Exotic Engram drop system is bugged, is the engram drop determined/seeded by your system ID?... I have been using on average around 120 Three of coins per week and understandably I would expect to receive some exotic duplicates. I have all Exotics apart from the Kings Fall raid weapon TOM and The Jade Rabbit Exotic Scout Rifle I have opened more then 40 primary exotic engrams, have done countless nightfalls, PVP Iron Banner and even the trial of osiris... and still the Jade Rabbit as not dropped for me, I'm a PS4/ and Scout Rifle user this is the one weapon I was exited for when buying The Taken King on PS4 and now its March and still don't have it what gives? I have been patient as I can be suffering with Autism (no not butthurt... yeah take the piss, heard it all before) anyway I don't care if bungie or the community don't care if I have it or not, I'm hanging up my Ghost and moving on looking forward to Final Fantasy XV and still haven't played FallOut 4 yet. this game has no respect for your time.

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