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Year Two Exotic Quest Suggesion + Extra Suggesion For Next Big Update

Bungie should do that!


Bungie shouldn't do that, I don't like Thorn.




Alright, so today I was down killing Hive on the moon with a hand cannon, and I couldn't help but think about how much fun it was to go down there and destroy the Hive with Thorn. Then I had an idea. What if instead of just creating a year-two version of Thorn that you can just buy with Legendary Marks like with the rest of the old year-two exotics, they created a new quest line to get a new one. Now you probably thing that is a stupid idea, but hear me out. They create a somewhat simple quest line (nothing as annoying as the original bounty) that happens somewhat frequently, making it so getting the new Thorn isn't a huge pain in the ass. Now here is where the real idea comes into play. After you complete the new quest and get the year-two Thorn, it allows you to start another new quest. "What does this quest do" you ask? Well, it'll be an entire quest line to purify Thorn, back into Rose. In the process of this quest, the guardian will have to use the thorn they previously got from the first new quest (if there could be a way, make it so you cant just use a Thorn you buy with legendary marks, that would take all the fun out of it) and do some crazy Eris Morn magic crap on it to bring it back to the original state. This kind of double quest (in my opinion) would be awesome, because not only would there be a year-two version of Thorn, but it would also yield a new exotic while exploring some of the hidden lore of Destiny. My other suggestion isn't nearly as long or as awesome, but I think destiny should make it so if you preform an emote near/facing a boss (Say, Atheon or Crota) it would say you did said emote with them, much like it does with other players. In my opinion, it would be awesome if it says "Mr Happybottms prepares for battle with Atheon," or "Mr Happybottoms is frightened by Skolas ." Anyways, that is just my two cents on what I think Bungie should do when the next big update comes around, and this was the only place I could think to post it.

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