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Hablemos de Destiny.
5/10/2016 5:16:54 PM


Crom has come through for us, friends! He has brought back the greatest MC of all time, [b]Mayhem Clash[/b], from the grave. In case you didn't know, Crom is a breakfast man, and he prefers his eggs [i]unbroken[/i]! I delivered two such eggs today. In Rift, I crushed my enemies. In Mayhem Clash, I saw them driven before me. I'm just sayin', ladies.... And if Crom doesn't like my modern, pseudo-feminist approach to women, then to Yale with him! Let's embrace the chaos of battle, guardians. Let's see what we can do with no limits!! BEHOLD MY [u]HUMBLE [/u] DEED: A haiku: Lordy, is that Shaxx? Sure be! And he mad like Max! Wit' me? Nope, noob hax.

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