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Judgement Package Rewards

Possible solution at the bottom. Man, I spent so long ranking up my House of Judgement. I thought it was a surefire way of getting one of those sweet looking judgement weapons. Instead of doing another sigil on a different character I decided to keep playing my Hunter because it was the closest to ranking up and was the highest rank (6). And here I am once again regretting the time I spent doing it... Vanguard/Crucible/faction packages I understand, they should have some bad loot in there to make people feel lucky when they do get good things, and you can get the rank up by simply playing the game. I was hoping that Judgement would be worth grinding for, especially seeing as how you have to grind the same thing over and over, the most repetitious activity in Destiny... I don't feel rewarded for the time I spent grinding this new activity and I feel like anyone who received the same reward as me would feel the same. It's just discouraging. One of the cloaks he sells. At 330. I'm 335. Ehh.... Am I going to feel the same motivation I felt before getting that reward to grind CoE for Rep? Nope, never. This sort of thing really takes the motivation to grind away from the game. Why would I grind Judgment rep now that I know there's a bigger chance of getting screwed over than I originally thought? I would have been happy with any of those cool fallen looking weapons... The exact same thing happened with my rank 5 Iron Banner package... I was given what he was selling. What I had already bought from him. What had already dropped a bunch of times. It just wasn't special. Both of these drops weren't anywhere near rewarding enough for the time I spent trying to get them. Certain activities in this game need to be way more generous. The only reason I'm doing the nightfall this week is for that Shotgun. The reward screen at the end? It's never worth the trouble. Possible Solution: If Judgement was easier to rank up then it wouldn't be a problem. Give him daily bounties as well, or just one daily bounty. Then I could go in, complete it, and feel like I've made progress without having to grind three whole sessions to get the same amount of rep as a bounty. Thank you for your time, to anyone who read this rant.

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