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[b]complant about urgent attention hot fixes[/b] Bungie, a hot fix on matchmaking would be grand if I was not be sitting a play list for 20 mins+ trying to complete bountys that I've missed as a daily. Finding players while Trials Of Orisis is active takes away all other play listing players to be match made. [b]Strikes Playlist[/b] strikes play list is broken?!! I've had Marlok 3/10 times in a single week and Taken Winters Run is also bugged out.. You're back to old tricks again! What's a grind without having new strikes that we all get 1 of 10 chances of it popping up in our audio. Descriptions of blue and legendary engrams is not giving us the proper light level forcing to crew up in raids then exiting because less experienced players. Ghost shells beyond a joke on raids hand out 320 - 325's... Please fix the bugs.. Just please.. I'm continue to stuggle to help others at high light levels.

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