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5/8/2016 8:21:23 PM

An excellent idea to spruce up the Tower

So, I thought of this idea while eating some soup like an hour ago. I think bungo should add the ability to get your super in the tower so could could kill other unsuspecting guardians. Hey, are your friends wasting your absolutely worthless plebian life trying to get weapons from their vault and taking like 90 minutes to do so before embarking on that raid that will take you about two hours to complete because you guys are morons. Well look no further, I present to you the ability to become super charged. Crush that God dam snail you have as a fire team mate with one of your flaming hot HAMMERS OF SOL!!!!!! THAT WILL TEACH THAT SLOW ASS MUTHAFUKA TO HURRY THE HELL UP AND NOT TAKE 30 MINUTES TRYING TO SORT THROUGH HIS VAULT OF NOOBY SCRUB GEAR!!!!!!! I think this is a wonderful idea so your lame teammates could finally get to 2k16 and get an item transferring app like other normal humans :D [i]~You know you love me xoxo[/i]

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