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Hablemos de Destiny.
Editado por AyokaiW: 5/8/2016 7:26:39 AM

Went Flawless for the first time and realized something

Trials is defiantly not for me and I'll be sticking to regular Crucible and Iron Banner. I stayed in the damn backpack, but it was still something new to me and at least I experienced it. The game mode is vastly different from the 6v6 I'm used to and I know understand the struggle/hatred/resentment towards hard scoping try-hards. Also see that back stab is broken as -blam!- (just call it front stab bungie) and PvP DOES have gun variety. I only encountered a few people using 1kstare and Mida. Gonna just tip my hat to you Guardians who go Flawless every weekend and do carries (and double carries), that shit ain't easy and I'll probably never step foot in Trials again. [spoiler]Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go apply ice to Kinjerosa's back. Dude was doing all the carries. [/spoiler]

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