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Hablemos de Destiny.
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What would YOU keep for future games ?

Bungie promised us a while ago that our characters would carry over to the next installments of the franchise (destiny 2 and so on) . However , i can't imagine our characters carrying over without keeping some equipment , like weapons , armor , shaders , ships etc. (Otherwise you'd just keep your face) But in the meantime , I can't imagine Bungie letting each player transfer the hundreds of items they have in their vaults , starting the game with maxed out subclasses and god-roll weapons . So here's the thing . Let's imagine that Destiny 2 starts with the destruction of the Tower and the City or something alike . Your vault is destroyed , your ship crashes , so in the end , when the game actually starts , the ONLY items that you keep from Destiny 1 are those that you had equipped ( the items in your inventory get deleted too) . Obviously you'd be informed about that beforehand , so before logging out of Destiny 1 for the last time , you'd equip all the things you want to keep before launching Destiny 2 . Hence my question : what would YOU keep ? What would you equip ? (Obviously that means 1 exotic weapon and 1 exotic armor coz you can't equip 2 . Only one shader , ship , sparrow etc.) would you keep the weapons that are the most useful like gjally ? The rarest ones like necrochasm and mythoclast ? Maybe that year 1 rare auto rifle with which you've had so many experiences ? Post your gearset in the comments or take a screenshot of it so we can see what gear guardians actually cherish !

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