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Reclutamiento de clanes

Busca un clan o recluta nuevos miembros.
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[u][b]AVE GUARDIANS AND POTENTIAL MEMBERS OF LEGIO EOSOS[/b][/u] Looking to join a game-grinding, lore-loving clan? Want to be part of clan that's small enough for each of its members to make a difference? Want friends who are dedicated to the very end, and take things seriously, yet still know how to have fun? THEN YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT CLAN! If you are looking to join, look over these requirements, so that we can make sure you will find what you are looking for! 1. You must be at least 16 years old. If you are under 16, request a waver by asking to join via the Clan Message Board. 2. You must have or be planning to obtain the Taken King expansion. While not an absolute requirement, it does help players become the best they can be. 3. NO SPAMMING!!! 4. You must have some interest in the lore of Destiny or be willing to learn about it.* 5. You must be playing on a PS3 and you should try to get a Mic ASAP. 6. Patience and understanding are Important. Some members are newer than others, and some may not have the best resources or perfect connection. Don't make them feel any worse than they already do. 7. Try to have all three classes. This is JUST A SUGGESTION. But it really helps with raids and missions. 8. We ask that each member come up with a biography or background story for their character(s).** *Legio Eosos was made as a clan for those who play Destiny and want the full experience. While we are playing the game to compete and have fun, we also are interested in the Lore and the stories. We seek not just to play the game, but to LIVE it. We welcome those who share this desire and those who show potential or present skillfulness. During Clan-Organized events***, members may be asked for their input on how best to approach certain situations, so that we may accomplish the task quickly and efficiently. This will be based on what each member knows. If a member has knowledge on something, for example the vex, and we are currently attempting the vault of glass, that player will be asked to share what they know (specifically on the vault itself, Oracles, the Templar, gorgons, Atheon, The Spire, etc.). **For each character that you may use during events, the member is asked to write a background story/biography about their character. It should include the Name, the story of how they came to their end (before the ghost first found and resurrected you), your opinion of The Traveler and Darkness, The Awoken and Vanguard. It should also include what area of lore you have the most knowledge in (and why), and what you hope to accomplish as you progress through the Worlds of Destiny. Be creative, but also be realistic and sensible. It must be reflected in your play-style in some way or another. (For instance, if you say that you were the son of a Fallen Archon, and that you have the power to bend reality, then your character better have 4 arms and be able to bend reality during missions.)(If you are an Awoken, then you write about how you came to become an awoken, which could be how you believe the awoken became what they are.) ***Raids, Strikes, Prison of Elders (arena or otherwise), Missions, Patrols, Boss Fights, etc. where the fireteam(s) has multiple members or potential members of Legio Eosos. The fireteam does not have to include any more than one member, but it has to have at least one current member of Legio Eosos and at least one person who is looking to join Legio Eosos. However, in order you to be able to bring potential recruits, or to plan clan events, you must FIRST tell/ask the appropriate members, which would be anybody who is a member and is above the normal member rank. If you meet these, then join us and become ascendants. Your Destiny calls.... will you answer?

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