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4/27/2016 3:44:56 PM

Warlocks need the boots and moves!





Maybe with different exotic perks...


It's become somewhat concerning to me, and while I'm quite sure that it's me feeling as though my warlock is lacking something. Before anyone says anything, yes. The Voidwalker buff is kinda overpowered in certain situations, especially with the Nothing Manacles. However, the other subclasses weren't overly nerfed with the exception of Fireborn's duration being reduced. Nice drawback to be honest. What I'm mainly talking about is the video that is linked here. There is no doubt that there are no boots for the warlocks at this current moment... and one other glaring thing. This might not be obvious, but warlocks are also lacking in mobility. It's quite obvious to a warlock main such as myself. Sure, we have blink, but so do hunters. We have the ability to glide, but not skate through the air as titans do. What's more thanks to TTK, hunters can now shade step, and with the addition of the Twilight Garrison, all of the Titan subclasses can now effectively skate across the map. So what do warlocks get? Double grenades, double melees, and offensive abilities. Sure, purifier robes do count as defensive, but only even then, the blinding effect doesn't last for long, and revived players are immune to the effect if they are brought back after the sunsinger revives itself. Some can argue that the Stag helmet and the Skull of dire ahamakara is also defensive, but they rely on having super, or being the last one alive. I know that bungie may already have something planned for these boots, if they have not simply tossed the idea away. If you search in the armory, you'll find that the warlock boots have been removed. They are nowhere to be found, and in all honest, I don't want that to actually be the case. We deserve at least one good pair of boots to walk around in our robes with. If they weren't completely removed, but are being reworked, then here is my suggestion for them. The warlocks want knowledge and power, so they hunt for that knowledge and power. Osiris discovered the secrets of the Vex, but did he really leave us anything? I want to believe so, in the form of the Transverse Steps. The Vex have been known to teleport through space and time in an instant, and so should we with these boots. Made from the remains of Athion, shattered throughout time, I would love to see these exotics allow us to Teleport Slide. It would replace the slide with the teleporting animation of the Vex, nothing like the goblins, and hobogoblins, but more like the minotaurs. No doubt, we all know how annoying it can be to aim a shot at a minotaur and miss because it teleported to close the gap to melee you. Outside of that, increased crouch movement would be nice to keep up a slight momentum advantage. It'll have limitations, no doubt, but I'd leave that to the developers at bungie to do what they believe is balanced. If you believe that this would be overpowered, then consider this. You can only slide when your character is actively sprinting, and sometimes when you finish sliding, you'll end up in a sprint lock, which prevents you from sprinting until you stop moving. Next, you can only slide in the direction that your character is facing while sprinting. Finally, you can easily mess up and accidentally slide off the map. I'd love to see a warlock panic slide and end up off map because of this. Outside of that, it's probably no different from the shade step or the twilight garrison. Sure, you're not completely invulnerable while doing either, but then again, warlocks have very little in comparison to the other two classes now. We have extra grenades, and melees, and super ability bonuses, but so do other exotic armors for the other classes. If you agree with me, and want to see bungie at least consider this (If they already haven't) then help out by liking, sharing, or even simply linking others to this thread. Even if you don't agree with me, then simply don't like, but maybe share to another warlock main that might be wanting something a bit more. Help me get bungie's attention by looking at this thread. Maybe we warlocks can finally get a pair of boots to show off for once. Nothing against the radiant dance machines here. Those are cool as ice from the moon. (I don't want battles going on about warlock master race, or hunter master race, or even titan master race. It's pointless and an obvious stereotyping for destiny players. If you don't like the idea of the warlocks getting mobility exotics, then simply say that you don't like them, explain why, and move on. If you wanna say that you don't care, then don't post anything. It saves many headaches for the future. Thank you.)

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    Okay, as a hunter, shadestep is not all that amazing. I get sniped TONS of times mid step. In fact, my forte is blade and golden, I only use shadowshot in crucible when I have a bounty, other than that, it's only used in PVE. If you teleport like a minotaur you are LITERALLY immune for that short time, and neither the hunter nor titan are immune while doing their step or flight movement. Relax, the warlocks still have a lot more perks and doubles on everything, with a fire grenade that even has a perk SPECIFICALLY to burn longer.

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