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4/17/2016 4:35:29 PM

Restoring an old friend

Now I know that the chances of a developer reading this is slim, but I can hope for the best :p I am not complaining about any patches as I think they were a great addition to the game, but they kinda screwed me... I am a year 1 player and I have enjoyed every moment from killing kinderguardians in the crucible to ending Crota solo. And with me I carried my first and most favourite gun in the world, my Hide-And-Seek-42. This gun is not only my favourite because of the perks it had, but because it was my first ever legendary and I cherished it as any level 24 light level titan would. And you may be thinking " It couldn't have been that good!", You my good sir/Madame are wrong, as this little monster had shot package, hammer forged and range finder with smooth ballistics. Twas until the first of many hits my little shotty would take, a update came along that removed either shot package or range finder if both were on the same gun. After reading the patch notes I rushed to my controller to check on my baby to find that range finder was gone, and that cascade ( Melee kills increase reload speed) Had replaced it. My Hide-And-Seek was still a monster none the less but it had been never restored to its former glory ever since. Now for the next few months I had my shotgun by my side no matter what, if I was using it for PvE I would switch to field scout so I would have 7 rounds in it at once, and if I was using it for PvP it went back to hammer forged. And as the months went on shotguns were getting worse and worse, and then... Range on shotguns was nerfed... I wasn't too surprised but now my shotty was nearly obsolete except for its hammer forged, shot package and field scout... AND WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!!! Shot package was removed as well as field scout nerfed... I had my once beautiful Hide-And-Seek-42 turned into a heap of garbage... I keep her with me still, in hopes that one day it will be revived. I want my baby back, I don't care that it doesn't have good impact or reload speed, I want it back because it was mine... I loved the damn thing hahaha. Well, I honestly am never going to delete it. Too may good times... But if any Dev can see this... Help me play Hide and Seek with Kinder guardians again? I don't want it back to the point at where it was at the beginning, but I want it to just be usable again, like an old dragon who lost the fire in it's belly... Just... Maybe? - Heradianace, A Proud Gun Owner

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