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4/27/2016 8:19:37 PM

Destiny Loot Crate!

Imagine all the hype and excitement were Bungie to create a Loot Crate. There are so many out there that really are just overdoing things. There's even one being made for Civil War. One, ONE movie. Take a minute... Can you magine having a little stem of Spirit Bloom on your bedside table, or a Ghost that could double for an awesome paperweight? Take it further. A (maybe) bobblehead Hunter, decked out in his or her Iron Banner or Osiris get-up? A flaming Warlock, who's just unleashed a Radiance assault, or even a Titan suspended in mid uppercut, clutching the mighty Raze Lighter. For the budding artists, some mini concept art books depicting the ever expanding Destiny cosmos. Considering the stunning landscapes and textures (as I'm sure you will agree), this would be perfect to get said artists butts in gear and find the inspiration behind the next big sci-fi powerhouse, all thanks to Destiny. And dare I say, some replica weaponry? To scale, or life size? That, for me (as a person who has played the game since day one, has never wavered, and has brought back people who had otherwise given up on the game time and again), would be the ultimate Loot Crate for me. I'm 100% sure I'm not the only person who has dreamt of this, nor the only person to post similarly. Have a think about it, Bungie gods. The community will only continue to grow and grow even more alarmingly. You have this whole universe that you've created at your disposal and could do this with your eyes closed and arms behind your back. #iamdestiny #wearedestiny

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