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Sniper Stupidity..

This is a prime example of something that shouldn't be possible. If a Queenbreakers Bow can land a headshot while taking damage from a MIDA at medium-close range then snipers are still screwed. My idea for balancing snipers without hurting them too much in PVE would be: When they take kinetic damage while scoped in, their aim assist turns off and their sensitivity either increases or decreases until they scope out. There NEEDS to be a primary counter-measure to snipers that isn't entirely punishing. The punishment of using a shotgun is range and how they force you to rush or play corner games with people. The punishment for Fusion Rifles is charge time, timing and range The punishment for Primary Weapons is snipers/shotguns The punishment for Snipers is close range combat.. However, a good sniper can easily maintain distance and if needed, kill at close range anyway. Someone who is good with any other weapon still needs to somehow make it to the sniper by rushing or outgun them with a primary at long range (which is impossible if the sniper is skilled). I think snipers have the smallest and most easy to adapt to downside and need a fix to balance them with the other special weapon slots. I've made so many posts lately but honestly, it's good for me in terms of letting off steam. I've been getting so angry with this game lately and I hate it. I love this game to bits but it's driving me insane. I want to see it get better and will give feedback whenever I can. Bungie need to know when people are frustrated with their game and why. It's the fastest way to improvement. Edit: I wasn't saying at all that the Queenbreakers Bow needs a nerf or anything of the sort. I know its hard to use and I appreciate people who go out of their way to get good with it. My point was that, if a Queenbreakers Bow can headshot someone with ease while taking fire, then actual snipers that aren't the Queenbreakers Bow would be able to do it even easier - which is the problem I'm addressing.

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