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4/21/2016 8:12:21 PM

Dark Souls 3 summon recruitment

Hey everyone just want to see who is out there playing Dark Souls 3, and who would be willing to help with some covenant quests. They have hefty rewards that come in handy later along with some beastly weapons. I'm currently trying to get summoned, and nobody is taking the bait. Hit me up if you guys are interested, I would like to start a whole community geared towards this. Wanna summon, my gt and stats will be below. BaneofallFools Lvl: 49 Class: Mercenary Preferred Weapon: Farron Great sword I have cleared all the way up the the Irithyll Dungeon. Just send me a message including your details and I'll lay down a Soapstone sign.
#Gaming #DS3

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