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publicado originalmente en: Anyone watch falling skies?
Editado por trotters8923: 4/20/2016 12:20:06 AM
Watching it at the moment. Halfway through series 3 and it's beginning to lose itself - still good though. Series one and two were as good as I've watched. 9/10 for them and slipping to 7.5/8 out of 10 for series 3. Read you like walking dead, try Z Nation. Low budget, acting is dodgy, effects are poor in places, decent humour and one liners. Doesn't pretend to be above itself and pokes fun at some of the more serious shows - Negans bat has nothing on the zombie whacker. It's one of those shows you'll like or you won't. If you can get past the lack of gloss, there is a decent story being told. Definitely worth a look, it's flaws make it I reckon.

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