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4/19/2016 2:19:58 PM

Dark souls 3 fight club

First rule of fight club, there is no fightclub... But... for those of the respectful pvpers out there, post below where and when you want a fightclub. Use this post to start or join fight clubs. Feel free to limit weapons, magic, spells, healing, etc... make your own rules. Although some like no healing may be universal, it's your fight club, do as you wish. Or... make a unique fight club mode. Mode 1: free for all... all phantoms go in, one phantom comes out... watch your back, there is no friends in free for all. 2. Paired duel. 2 on 2. Can you fight while protecting your mate? 3. Weapon malfunction: choose any weapon. Any weapon you want... but... it isn't leveled up. This can be added in to the previous 2 modes for added fun. 4. and my personal favorite. Roulette death battle!! Each person will drop 3 weapons, ensuring that each item is few feet apart. Each player then switches sides and randomly picks one of the weapons their opponent dropped. Repeat process for left hand weapon, or shield. Go back to the other items you previously dropped and pick then back up. The two duel with their randomly chosen weapon. Winner can either A, gave the pride of victory or B take the weapon they fought with as reward It's a wall of text I know, but feel free to post below. Fight club!!

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