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Class Balance Poll

Sunbreakers need an immediate buff for PVP


Sunsingers need an immediate nerf for PVP


All of the above


None of the above


[b]Before you answer this poll read below so you understand what the options entail.[/b] [i]Option One:[/i] Sunbreakers have gone from being one of the most overpowered Crucible classes to one of the biggest jokes of the Crucible. Tracking, which hardly worked well when on in enclosed map or close quarters, received a 25% reduction in tracking ability. Additionally Hammers, which already had a travel time, received an additional reduction of speed by 1.32%. Damage resistance while in the Hammer of Sol was reduced by 9.09%, and Flameseeker lost 1 recovery and agility stat. Combined with a the cauterize cool down of 3 seconds from the original no cool down time, the overall combination of nerfs to the Sunbreaker subclass has resulted in only 23% of the Titan population using the Sunbreaker class in Crucible, coming behind Defender at 37%, and Striker 41%. In addition since the nerf it has become apparent that hammers thrown during the super now detonate early before contact with an enemy player. [i]Option Two[/i] In regards to the recent announcement that the Sunsinger's firebolt grenades would not be receiving any nerf, or anyone that is still naive enough to believe that it and Viking Funeral aren't overpowered, Warlocks currently hold the highest amount of kills with their grenades in PVP at 21% (288,864,582 kills). The next highest class, the Nightstalker, doesn't even come close, coming in at 14.3% (199,964,411 kills). In regards to their melees, Warlocks once again come in first, with 22.26% (479,498,405 kills). And once again the next hight class, the Striker, doesn't even come close, with only 13.54% (291,622,446 kills). [b]- DISCLAIMER -[/b] In conclusion, while I do agree the Sunbreaker needed a nerf badly, what has resulted is a sorry state, where not a single class can compete with the Warlock. Their grenades, combined with their melees, have shown time and again that 9 times out of 10, if you go against a Warlocks grenades or melees, you will lose. Bungie, please, I'm not asking for you to return Sunbreakers to their God like status, but look at the numbers. Fix the Crucible. Stop playing favorites with Warlocks. For anyone curious the link to the data is posted below, and comes from Destiny Tracker. Additionally, I'm aware Destiny Tracker can be viewed as a disproportionate source of information, but just as with any scientific survey, you can't sample the whole population if you're doing a poll as that would be physically and statistically impossible (unless you're the US Government doing the national census). You can only take a slice of the whole and use it as representative of the whole body. Since I neither have the time, nor the finances, to create such a massive database of every Destiny player (I'm not Bungie or the US government lol) I have to use the tools available to me, one of which is Destiny Tracker. I hope that makes sense and you understand why I used those statistics. [url][/url]

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