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Some suggestions / ideas for Bungie.

Hello Bungie, I am a Y1 player that has been stuck with you since the beginning. Destiny sure has changed a lot and i have a suggestion for your game. Or.... multiple suggestions..: [b]* Could we have more large open crucible maps in the future? [/b] I really liked some old large open maps with vehicles. Could we get these more often? [b] * Could we get some old strikes back in the strike playlists? [/b] Old strikes i really like are not challanging for my level. Could you make them a little more relevant again? [b]* Can we infuse some old legendaries (especially my favorite white iron-banner cape) to a higher level in the future? [/b] I really like the look of some old gear and i am proud to have some of them in my vault. I would like to wear them in high-level-activities again; without my light level getting dropped. Thank you for your attention! :)

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