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4/6/2016 11:39:10 AM

Sidearm Reload Perks, Which Is Better?



Feeding Frenzy


So I have 2 different side arms that I recently got, a Jabberhakke-D & a Havoc Pigeon. Both have reactive reload which is nice, but they have different reload perks upon kill... Havoc has outlaw, along with speed reload Jabber has feeding frenzy Also, both have feather mag, so they're both reload crazy But, with having these reload perks upon kills, which is actually better? Outlaw does dramatically increase the reload speed, while feeding frenzy increases the reload speed. So assuming outlaw would be faster, but you need to get a headshot for that. While feeding frenzy just needs a kill to proc it, which would be a lot easier to do so. What does anyone think about this?

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