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Weird PvP Glitch In Destiny

I'm not sure if this issue has ever manifested before, but I just encountered an extremely weird glitch while playing Iron Banner. I wanted to post here pre-emptively before anyone accuses me of hacking. Due to what I think was an issue with lag in my home server, I became an invisible unstoppable force. I was not able to do damage with primary or secondary weapons, nor was I able to capture control points. However, I COULD see teammates and enemies in real time as they scampered around the map. And most importantly, I could use abilities and heavy weapons. I spent the entire round running around and magically killing enemies from my etherial plane. I admit I feel a tinge of regret about this as it was entirely unfair. However, it was also the most hilariously fun thing I've ever experienced. My final KD was 29. I hope this issue can be addressed so that it doesn't detract from anyone else's game experience. However, it was hella fun while it lasted.

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