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United Nations Thread 2.0

It's baaaaack [b]What's different:[/b] This time I'm not participating. (Except for aliens) There is a max of 30 countries this time. No tech spamming. The country you pick actually matters NO MADE UP COUNTRIES!!! (Except South Floodan) Countries can now have advisors/representatives. (This means that if you didn't get to pick a country, you can leave remarks or advice for countries to follow.) South Floodan is a SECOND WORLD COUNTRY. [b]Countries:[/b] 1). Ktan Dantaktee- America (1st World) 2). BioSmiley- Antarctica (2nd World) 3.) Agent Space Wolf- Italia (1st World) 4). Ktan Dantaktee- Mexico (Invaded) 5). Agent Space Wolf- Canada (Annexed) 6). Lucario F14- South Korea (2nd World) 7). Tamefrog7- China (1st World) 8). Dyr Dragon- South Floodia (2nd World) 9). DRAGON SNIPER 4- England (1st World) 10). Ktan Dantaktee- Prussia (Invaded) 11). SgtOceanus- Russia (1st World) 12). NinjaNumpty- Germany (1st World) 13). DE4THINC4RN4TE- Australia (1st world) 14). SPARTAN A145- Japan (1st World) 15). Razoron333- Liechtenstein (2nd World) 16). Mrboom16- Aliens (all the worlds) 17). XSEAN- Atlantis (1st World) 18).SolaireofAstora-New Zealand (1st World) 19).ST0RMW0LF7-Ireland (2nd World) 20). Cleavers ASYLUM- Switzerland (2nd World) 21). Warmaster- Israel (2nd World) 22).Mechetti- Iran (3rd World) [b]Guidelines:[/b] Here's the speed at which you can research different techs: Minor stuff: (Ex. Better cheese, Good horses) Major countries-10 minuets 2nd World countries-15 minuets 3rd World countries-20 minuets Modern Tech: (Ex. Cars, Planes, Internet) Major Countries-20 minuets 2nd World countries-25 minuets 3rd World countries- 35 minuets Military Tech: (Ex. Stealth drones, better tanks) Major countries-30 minuets 2nd World countries-35 minuets 3rd World countries-45 minuets Future Tech: (Ex. Energy shields, spaceships) Major countries- 50 minuets 2nd World country- 1 hour 3rd World country- 1 hour 10 minuets Future Military Tech: (Ex. Space Fighters, Advanced Armor) Major countries- 55 minuets 2nd World countries-1 hour 3rd World countries- 1 hour 10 minuets Oh Shit Niqua What are you Doing Tech: (Ex. Alternate Dimension Portal, Time Travel) Major Countries-1 day 2nd World Countries-1 day 3 hours 3rd World Countries-1 day 10 hours [b][i][u]TECHS MUST BE RESEARCHED IN PROPER ORDER!!! YOU CANT HAVE CARS BEFORE HORSE CARRIAGES(Just an example). OP WILL DETERMINE IF RESEARCH IS IN PROPER ORDER. (Should the need arise) [/u][/i][/b] [b]Condition of the World:[/b] Aliens have arrived and they are attacking the humans. Ireland has opened communications with the Aliens. The alien command ship has been destroyed. A strange alien disease has appeared in human society. [b]The Coming[/b] is about to happen

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