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3/28/2016 6:49:40 PM

Frontier Shell Bugged

The Frontier Shell was brought forward in a previous patch, it's now infusible, has attributes and upgrade nodes. I have 3, one on each character however I've noticed the attributes on now two of them appear to be broken. One was always broken giving no attributes at all, the other two show/showed attributes with a higher benefit once upgraded. When I upgraded the attribute nodes on the broken one they were changed to either intellect or discipline but only offering +9 when selecting either node. When I upgraded the second one it changed to either node providing only +9 of whatever one is selected, however this one previously showed attributes with a higher benefit. I have one left that's giving me intellect +20 & discipline +21 with higher possibilities once upgraded but I'm afraid to upgrade it. I'd like to be able to use these shells, is their anyway to get this fixed? I can take a screenshot if needed. Thanks!

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