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Editado por Stonefox: 2/12/2016 1:52:52 AM

So, No Destiny 2 This Year and Crimson Days is Pointless

When I started destiny crimson days I had hope that it would at least have a point to it all. But now I know Hotline Bling was that reason. I am Pissed there will be NO Destiny 2 This Year but at least they are giving us some New Content to BUY! I can only think of 4 reasons for this. 1. They have not come up with a story yet. I'm guessing Bungie decided on this novel Idea that a GAME NEEDS A STORY! and decided to go to Wikipedia and make one up. 2. They know they can't make this game this game fit into any of the previous generation consoles. By waiting until there are more PS4 and Xbox One consoles in people's homes, they can maximize Destiny 2 sales, while not pissing off Christmas noobs. 3 They. want to sell more Emotes. They know deep inside that Guardians love to TWERK. By selling us the Spring Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball TWERK, they can ensure our A$$ clapping needs are met. 4. Bungie is Stupid. I think the answer is number 3.

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