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Dualitas - PS3 One - Man Clan Recruiting Strong Players

[b]D u a l i t a s[/b] [b]Purpose:[/b] -Screw around. It honestly doesn't matter. I personally like to do a lot of Crucible, though. -Be friendly and casual. -Just overall have fun. Destiny's a game, and we should have fun playing it. [b]Requirements:[/b] -Mic (please don't constantly seem like you're trying to swallow it). -Age 14+. -1.1-1.3 KD Bare Minimum. -Experience in Raiding. -As a sidenote, I'd prefer your name looked relatively clean (alternating letters are a toss-up, an absurd amount of X's is really not good, and numbers depending on how you do em' are okay I guess). [b]How To Join:[/b] -Do NOT send immediate request to join. Said request will be declined without hesitation. -State PSN and reason for joining in comments. -Add me as soon as you can. -When I accept the next time I'm on, which would probably be on a Friday or Saturday, try and join me so we can have something of an interview while we screw around doing whatever. -If I deem you worthy (not to sound arrogant), you can then send your request to join, and I will gladly accept. Even if you don't make it in though, depending on how much I like you, I'll gladly give you a spot on my friends list to help you out with whatever it is you may require at a time (if I can). [b]Closing Statement:[/b] -Thank you anybody for making it this far in reading my clan post. I know it sounds like I'm a very snobby person, but honestly I'm just trying to have fun playing Destiny and to do so, I need friends. Friends can make just about any game better really, and Destiny is a prime example of that. So please, if you took the time to read this, even if you aren't interested in joining this clan in particular, please upvote the post so more people can see it. Tell some friends about it. It would honestly mean a lot to me. Thank you in advance and may your travels be successful, fellow guardians. ~Blue

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