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3/11/2016 7:14:30 AM

Group Colors

As any unified group, a uniform to represent is usually mandatory. This group is no exception. During any organized event or online play against fellow Guardians, all members of PotM (Predators of the Moon) will be required to wear an armor shader that is of negative color I.e. black, white, and/or gray. If you wish to bring to my attention a shader that that is not one of these but of similar color, contact me or one of the admins I have assigned to judge weather or not it can be used. At any other time outside public events you may wear any shader you wish but remember you are still representing this group so be generous and be a team player. Thank you for your time and cooperation and I'll see you on the battlefield. [i]-C. Night[/i] [quote][i]Where there is darkness, we shall be there to hunt it down. Where there is evil, we seek to destroy it. And where ever our prey may be, we will be there in force as the Predators of the Moon.[/i][/quote]
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