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Quickdraw/Snipers are way OP

Snipers are OP


Snipers are NOT OP


Only high impact, low(ish) RoF snipers are OP


Only low impact, high RoF snipers are OP


I normally play Gunslinger on my hunter but I just tried Bladedancer with [b]quickdraw, high impact sniper[/b], AR (for quest), and HOLY SHIT it's the most OP thing ever. I predicted quickdraw is why Bladedancers have such a high K/D, turns out I was right. People literally couldn't stop me without team shooting me down. I just wanted you to know that, Bungie. Only 5 engagement results: 1) I get the snipe, because I'm decent and [b]snipers are OP.[/b] 2) I get an assist from incredible damage because[b] snipers are OP.[/b] 3) I get 2x bodyshots for incredible damage in just 0.8s because [b]snipers are OP.[/b] 4) I get a bodyshot, then quickdraw and finish with 1 primary bullet because [b]Quickdraw perk+high impact sniper is incredibly O.P[/b] 5) I'm shot down by another enemy I didn't notice. He probably killed me with a high impact sniper bodyshot [b]because snipers are OP.[/b] 2.5 K/D from my last match, with agonizing back pain (don't ask)! I'm really pissed because Striker STILL can't hold a candle to Bladedancer. I can't decide if I should follow my heart and be a Striker or follow the meta and be a Bladedancer. I think it would be really nice if you balanced your game. At least do something about the Quickdraw perk on the Bladedancer tree. Move it or nerf it or something. [b]EDIT:[/b] Oh yeah you're totally right people. I didn't ask for a Sniper nerf. I'm just pointing out why they're OP. I forgot to mention the only way to balance the game is to DESTROY sniper bodyshot damage, OR [b]buff [/b]primaries to compete. And not just 1 MIDA gun. [b]EDIT 2:[/b] I'm quoting myself.[quote][b]You're only given 3 shitty options against a camping sniper.[/b] A) Abuse juggernaut and pray for the best. Only works against 1 slow firing sniper, and circumstances may cause your plan to still fail, requiring adaptability. Also, [u]8/9 classes can't even do this.[/u] B) Contribute to the problem and bring your own sniper to the fight. I honestly do better with a sniper than a shotgun but give me a -blam!-ing break, let me play the way I want. What if I don't feel like being a tryhard? Snipers shouldn't be required outside of trials, at least. C) Depending on where the enemy is camping, you may need to circle the ENTIRE MAP. It totally works but it's boring as -blam!-. (For example, I once used this option against a campy trials team and counter sniped from the side to WRECK them. I was in full tryhard mode after they cross mapped me with a sticky. I made them regret it. BTW blowing dust off your aim stick may fix problems...) That's how you avoid a sniper. In game design, that's called a "dilemma," when all your options are shitty. You have to choose the option that -blam!-s you the least. [b]Having weapons that force dilemma's onto your opponent only proves how OP they are.[/b][/quote]

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