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Hablemos de Destiny.
Editado por Killbilly Karma: 3/8/2016 1:59:53 PM

Jolly Holiday\Chaperone - Doing it right and STILL Getting -blam!-ed!

What a total bag of dicks this quest is! I'm fine with there being a challenge. Even a difficult one. Under 'normal' circumstances this would definitely be one of the more difficult quests. Small increase for kills, more for streaks, but massive penalties for deaths. Ok. You're some twisted -blam!-s for developing this one, Bungie, but, fine. So, I equip TLW when I get heavy ammo, when my super is ready, and when we are about to win. I keep it unequipped otherwise. I've played 10 matches tonight. I've been at least 1.5 k/d in each. In one I went .9 k/d and my best was 3 k/d. I had a very small handful of deaths before I could unequipped TLW. VERY small. I had many kills with it equipped. For all of my efforts I LOST 10% of my progress. From 64% to 54%. And why? Because while I got many kills and few deaths, the kills were rarely in streaks. And why? Because Bungie's servers have been shit today. As they have been on so maaaany days. For soon long now. So many lag, so many drops, etc. I'm doing good in many matches just to GET a kill. Can't tell you just how many times I've shottied a face only to have it register no damage and then see my own body sprawled on the floor. And I did diagnostics on my equipment and verified that my ISP was not having issues. My other games work perfectly and lag free all day, including COD MP. This IS a Bungie issue. So, a (kinda stoopid) hard challenge? I say ok. -blam!-ed up server/host issues that persist in a AAA game from a company (Bungie) and an evil empire corporation (we do not speak its name) that have made massive profits off of said game? Not cool. When the two come together like some peanut butter cup of rage inducing hell, well, that's just too much. Rant over. TL/DR: the quest, plus the (now, after so much time, inexcusable) server/host cluster-blam!-, just sucks balls. EDIT - completed all quest steps and will have my Chaperone today. All of the other steps were fine, but that first part . . . SHEESH!

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