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How to go flawless in trials and maintain a 2.4+ k.d in the crucible

Fool proof plan!




You look cute today


I look cute today


Everyone looks cute today


Warlocks are OP


Warlocks aren't OP


It's simple really. 1. Have a [b]Warlock[/b] 2. Have a [b]tier 5 Discipline[/b] and [b]Strength[/b] setup 3. Use [b]The Ram[/b] 4. [b]Always be red bar[/b] (Most important step) 5. Make sure your warlock looks cool, otherwise this won't at all 6. Run/slide around with a shotgun and make sure your armor has 'Carry more shotgun ammo' and 'Increased armor while using a solar subclass' 7. Use firebolts with Viking funeral and touch of flame (Radiant skin or Fireborn) 8. How to win every gun fight: body shot with your primary then throw a firebolt to clean them up (You can also dance because you know their gonna burn out) 9. Go flawless in Trials of Osiris every week and maintain a 2.4+ k.d overall in the crucible GGGGGGgGgGgGgGgGg

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