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Hablemos de Destiny.
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Pray for Destiny 2016 :)

With Destiny 2 being pushed back to 2017 and an update due in Spring, many of us are doubftul that the next content installment will fill the void in our lives that only Jesus could. At best, we could only expect revamps on current raids and Year 1 exotic re-releases...which is something, but will it be enough to keep even the casuals playing longer than another couple of months? I have no doubt that 'Destiny 2' will be huge and forgive me lord, but i have very little faith in the next DLC. That's why myself and a few friends have taken the liberty to help Bungie achieve their goals in making the game great again by hosting a large-scale prayer sesh with our local community prayer group who were kind enough to help out, despite many don't play Destiny. Even Rev. Jackson will be making a guest appearance which should be epic. We are truly blessed :) We will be praying for: - The DLC to be a cliff-hanger, lead-up to Destiny 2 - New raid zone, even if small in scale, not recycled content. - New quests and missions. - Perhaps a new exotic quest chain. - A bit more lore emphasis (even in grimoire) on our Lord and Saviour in the 28th century, i know Destiny is fictional, but perhaps a nice touch of truth & reality would help for effect. Perhaps suggest the collapse of the Golden Age as divine rapture :) If we can't put our faith in Bungie, put faith in our lord to give Bungie the strength to deliver. [b]1 upvote = 1 prayer. [/b] #SupportOurTroops #TrumpFTW #JesusHasYouCovered [quote][i]LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress.[/i] -Isaiah LL 3:20[/quote] [b]Edit:[/b]I Think, I exist with free-will and have chosen to believe and invest faith in who has given me this ability - The undebatable proof that he too exists. Any arguement against this fact is invalid.

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