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Idea for a cabal raid

I like it


I don't like it


Sounds too hard


Not hard enough


I see the raid being a half stealth & infiltration/ half coordinated combat! The first part half of the raid has the fire team sneaking on a board a cabal capital ship that received the S.O.S. Sent from earth. The idea is to set a "bomb" on the core of the ship. Section 1 [spoiler] You've got to sneak into the ship and then pass a bunch of patrols (sort of like in VoG) once you pass them you use ventilation ducts to escape into the inner workings of the ship (cue jump puzzle) once the jump puzzle is done you end up in a sort of "loot" room, a room that the cabal store conquered species valuables in, here there will be an armor chest, but as soon as the chest is opened a cinematic starts... Out comes a yet undiscovered part of the cabal species, a cleric of sorts. Like a cabal, but with psionic abilities like a flayer. He is accompanied by 2 large and powerful flayers, 1 solar and 1 arc while he is void. He floats around and has some speech about how he's known your presence since before you boarded the ship and is planning on stopping you here... The encounter begins and the guardians have to weaken both flayers (who don't die... Yet) in order to damage the psionic cabal by overcharging electrical conduits that are hanging from the ceiling (now sure how to explain this but I can see it in my head haha) once he is at 33 percent or so he retreats, which allows you to kill the flayers, but you have kill them within 20 seconds of each other. The the cabal returns with a bunch of legionnaires, after you dispatch them he flees and you loot 2 chests, a weapon chest and an armor chest! -blam!- YA![/spoiler] Section 2 [spoiler] The next part of the raid is a series of hallways filled with newly alerted cabal who are in full force. The fire team fights it's way to a control station. And your ghost uses it to shut off the cabal from their version of oxygen ventilation system basically poisoning all the cabal in the sectors you're in this puts everything in lock down, Here you have something like 10 minutes to find a code to override the security doors so that you can make an escape before the system era put back online, only, the location of the code changes every raid, like 200 different location options to keep it fun and challenging! Also the ever disappointing "exotic" chest is in here and you have to find that as well! Once you unlock the doors it's smooth sailing to the next sector, closer to the core. [/spoiler] section 3 [spoiler] The next sector has escalated now to where the entire ship knows of your presence so things are a lot more resistance in the halls, another stealth portion, you have to hit the vents again. Your ghost takes you to an area that is used as sort of a zoo/prison for captured PoW's or opposing alien species, here he leads the fire team to 3 separate conduits 2 guardians on each to unlock the prisons and buy the team some time, once the prisons are unlocked most of the forces in the area are occupied giving the fire team the ability to move on with less resistance. [/spoiler] Section 4 [spoiler] The fire team arrives at the facility surrounding the core here you must fight a commanding general (idk who but he's a big wig) he has a huge spire on his back that projects electricity all around him, half of the guardians have to leap to and from all sorts of platforms to try and get an angle on him to shoot him in his weak points, stunning him and allowing the whole team to damage him, but some of the platforms are being electrified and the guardians have to account for this. The other half of the team is down below killing adds until it's time to light the boss up. Once he is dead you get to open a weapon or armored chest (up to RNGesus) [/spoiler] Section 5 last boss [spoiler] Cue cutscene - The boss from the first encounter returns, and he has a tangent that explains a TON of lore for the cabal, e goes off on how the fire team had a good run but they will not stop the armada blah blah blah, fat chance.... 2 guardians have to weaken the boss' shield using 2 ion turrets in the corner of the room, Once they are weakened the Rest of the team has to damage him, damaging him stuns him for 30 seconds, This gives the team just enough time to unlock one latch on the cores seal (there are 4) once they are all unlocked he enrages and summons a shit ton of flayers, you wipe em all out while dodging his aerial bombardments. Once they're cleared out then the final phase begins.... This fight has not 1 carrier but 2 haha! The 2 carriers are charged with using their ghosts to attach the bomb to the core in the middle of the room, they have to stand on 2 separate platforms charging them until the shield is down (if you step off they begin charging down) the other 4 have to make sure that 4 flayers who are actively keeping the shield up are dead but all within a minute of each other once they are dead the 2 guardians have to both place a bomb on the section of the core, 2 times each for a total of 4 bombs. Once the bombs are on you can finish off the boss. Arm the bomb. And gtfo. [/spoiler]

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