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Hablemos de Destiny.
2/11/2016 10:27:54 PM

Is anyone else grateful to have something of a road map?

There has been a lot of salt in the forums lately regarding the lack of direction, lack of PvE content, etc. A good part of that salt has been well deserved, and player frustration has been absolutely justifiable. Even though it's a little vague, is anyone else grateful to have some idea of what's coming up? I'll be looking forward to hearing more details about exactly what's coming up. Unpopular as my opinion may be, I love this game. I have a lot of patience for it because I do adore it, but even I have limits to how forgiving I can be. I will admit there is so much room for improvement, but I've had over 1500 hours of fun in Destiny. I truly love it and want it to improve. Finding out they have some things in the works gives me a boost to my patience.

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