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[BUNGIE] Crimson Days and Destiny Update 2.1.1 Vital Information

[b][u]Destiny Update 2.1.1.[/u][/b] Around 10:00 AM PST on Tuesday February 9th, Destiny players may be asked to login again upon returning to orbit to download a patch. We’re aware that some consoles attempt to verify all content (18+ gigs) of previously installed patches to ensure there are no issues with previously downloaded content. [b]Do not cancel out of this verification, or you will be required to re-download all previous updates[/b]. •Console requirements may be found within this [url=]Help Article[/url]. •If you experience issues downloading, you may need to [url=]update manually[/url]. •If you experience any console specific error codes when attempting to download Update 2.1.1, troubleshooting can be provided by [url=]PlayStation Support[/url], or [url=]Xbox Support[/url]. •[url=]Patch Notes[/url] for Destiny Update 2.1.1 will be posted around 10:00 AM on Tuesday, February 9th. [u][b][CONCLUDED] Crimson Days[/b][/u] [url=]Crimson Days[/url] was a limited time, Crucible-based Live Event that was previously available to all Destiny: The Taken King players. If you would like more information regarding Crimson Days, please see the Crimson Days [url=]Guided Support[/url] and [url=]Live Event[/url] pages. [b]UPDATE: 2/12/16[/b] Bungie will be delivering ONE Crimson Days Ghost Shell to players who have played 7 games of Crimson Doubles. [url=]All information regarding qualification may be found within the "Believe in Ghosts" News Article[/url] [b]UPDATE: 2/16/16[/b] The Crimson Days Live Event has now concluded.

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