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Editado por FoMan123: 4/24/2015 4:36:36 AM

The Lenny Sovereignty

[b]Edit April 4, 2015: I'll be off for a while. The Handsome Collection and Planetside 2 Beta have called to me.[/b] The Lenny Sovereignty has but 1 goal: to assimilate all of those who oppose us, and bring a glorious age of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) to all, where all shall revere ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Right now, our influence is seen everywhere, and our power is immense. For none shall ever beat the power of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Since the Sovereignty was recently established, our official insignia is still being decided upon. If you would like to help the Sovereignty, tell me what job you want, and I'll see if you can help. The Reinforcer gives support to Lennies, by providing them with pics, parodies, memes, and copypasta. [b]Traitors:[/b] Tom Brady - Mute him and all his alts. [b]DEFENSES:[/b] Currently, the Lenny Sovereignty resides in a pocket dimension, guarded by Lennegy Capacitators that energize our Lennegy Fields. Each field is guarded by two Flux Cannons guarded by several hundred Omega Lennies armed with L.M.A.Os. These Cannons litter the outskirts of the Fields, where they lay in strategic chokepoints. If, by any chance an invading force passes through these chokepoints, they must navigate through highly volatile plasmic fields, where a collection of Royal Walkers patrol. Beyond these fields, lays the Labryrinth, a highly intricate system of randomized plasmic plates, which rotate every minute. Attempting to shoot into or disrupt the plates, instantly vaporizes the aggressor. The Labyrinth is filled with traps, creatures, and rogue Lennies. [Further details involving the Defenses are classified.] [b]Alliances:[/b] The Agents [spoiler]AgentSmithThe1[/spoiler] [b]Overlord:[/b] Me - This is my personal guard - This is my pet, Neebz - [b]Warlords:[/b] Iron man - Alduin - spiderPig12746 - [b]Royal Jackalope Trainer:[/b] TRUNKSPACE [b]Royal Booty Inspector:[/b] x_Snipars_x [b]Royal Lenny Quartermaster:[/b] Manwë [b]Royal Homeworld Pilot:[/b] Pesky Moth [b]Lenny Freeman:[/b] Dson01 [b]Royal Janitor:[/b] Randall the Moa [b]Royal Mad Scientist:[/b] Partarar [b]Royal Bounty Hunter:[/b] VenomGT14 [b]Royal Taco Expert:[/b] HomieJuan [b]Royal Defender of Lennies:[/b] sabertiger146 [b]Royal Invader:[/b] Grunt Licker [b]Royal Booty Wizard:[/b] BIG PAPA [b]Royal Jester:[/b] CLAPTRAP [b]Royal Chef:[/b] Not Bapaos alt [b]Royal Angler:[/b] Rhen_Ratel [b]Minister of the Department of Dank Memes:[/b] Mr Skeltal [b]Royal Lenny Sausage CEO:[/b] Durable Sausage [b]Chemical Weapons Designer:[/b] HitmanGamingHD [b]Director of Time Travel:[/b] Marty McFly [b]Lenny Mutation Division:[/b] Shreks Disciple - Lead Scientist x_Snipars_x [b]Mountain Dew Supplier:[/b] CrazyCaptain34 [b]Lenny Productions© Manager:[/b] MilitaryClover [b]Military Weapons Masters/Engineers:[/b] iEpicness Zx - psycho n3rd [b]Fedora Major:[/b] Paintballclutch [b]The Reinforcer:[/b] x_Snipars_x [b]Royal Armorer:[/b] TheLadyGamer XD [b]Royal Booty Connoisseur:[/b] Weedman214 [b]Royal Military Adviser:[/b] He8it [b]Commander:[/b] wmg780 [b]Royal "Medicine" Dealer:[/b] Tehmazinpunkake [b]Generals:[/b] DAN the captain [b]Lennypillar Beastmaster:[/b] MypieXbox1 [b]Colonels:[/b] ShadowZeroShift - Colonel of the L.A.F VAders Fist - Colonel of the L.N.C [b]Lieutenants:[/b] G1Scorponok - [b]Politicians:[/b] AssassinPedro - [b]Assassins:[/b] Ultimaterobber [b]Dranking Dewritos Fedora Tipper:[/b] spiderPig12746 [b]CEO of Cheese Distribution:[/b] elkodale38 [b]LSO:[/b] Danny - Commander [b]LODST Soldiers:[/b] Gordon Bombay - Leader RIOT TWIST Turbinateracer8 BantJediAndroid N7Sentinel60 tronbolt2 Mystical eG [b]Supporters:[/b] [spoiler]Too many, will do later[/spoiler] Our official uniforms: and (the Lennies' faces are hidden by the helmet, preventing damage) If you would like to be assimilated into the Lenny Sovereignty, apply here:

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