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Editado por Shadow1066: 6/12/2015 1:26:06 AM

Buff Queenbreaker's Bow

The bow could use a serious PvE buff. This weapon is super fun to use but the low damage means that a sniper or shotgun will always outclass it in any serious PvE situation. I wouldn't mind if it did more damage than a high impact sniper like blackhammer, double even. The charge rate mitigates the bows damage output by slowing down fire rate and makes it a little harder to aim. There is no issue with having a super powered PvE exotic and we all know that no matter what you do it will not replace gjallahorn. In PvP I'd love it to be a monster but would settle for one shot body kills at close range allowing it to compete with regular fusion rifles. TL/DR Buff bow damage in PvE to at least allow 2 head shot yellow kills. This gun should be OP feeling in PvE Maybe buff PvP to allow one body shot kill at close range (probably felwinters shot gun range)

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