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1/22/2016 1:41:20 AM

I Found Destiny's Dedicated Servers!

I know all of us are complaining about lag or "[i]Latency[/i]" [i]-Deej 2016[/i] but I finally found where Bungie was keeping those Dedicated Servers! They hid them in the [b]perfect[/b] spot, where [u]no one[/u] would ever go, or even think of going. To find them first you have to go to the Speaker, and- Wait, you don't know who the Speaker is? You know, that guy with the mask and the bathrobe? Has that weird destiny insignia on his collar? Sells blue ghosts? Not ringing any bells? Damn it Bungo. If you go to where New Monarchy is, you know, where the shaders and emblems are? Eva Levante? Jesus. The North wing is [u]really[/u] unimportant. If you go in the room with the rotaty noisy thingy floating above soundproofing, YES [b]finally[/b] you get me, go up the stairs to the platform and... RIGHT NEXT TO THE MASKED GUY IN A BATHROBE IS THE DEDICATED SERVERS All those wires, the boxes that look so much like a server, I swear its a new feature. Now you [i]have[/i] to visit the speaker. Bungle's plan all along. OR MAYBE - [b]Equips tinfoil hat[/b]- THE SPEAKER WAS BEHIND THE SERVER SWINDLE DUN DUN PUNNNNNNNNNNN

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